Types of Orthopedic Shoes for Walkers

Published: 24th October 2011
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If you walk a lot, whether a daily work out or just in general, orthopedic shoes can help ease the pain. Our bodies have to handle a lot of shock and you can cause damage to joints and not even realize it. It's good to be active, but some people have it harder on the feet and legs than others. That's why orthopedic shoes may be the key if you are a walker.

Orthotic shoes are broken up into various types depending on your needs. Functional orthotics correct defects in the arch. Two common issues for the arch of the foot are overpronation and supination. Overpronation means the arch flattens too much when taking a step and the foot rolls too far inward. Supination means the arch is too high so the foot rolls too far outward with each step. So when you use functional orthotics, they help to correct this, causing less pain overall. It'll make those walks feel better and let you get more miles under your belt.

Weight dispersive orthotics have padding to relieve pain and pressure on various parts of the foot. They usually treat the metatarsal heads, sesamoid bones, collapsed tarsal bones and inflamed toes. Supportive orthopedic shoes, on the other hand, treat problems of the plantar arch, such as plantar fasciitis.

Orthotics are prescribed by doctors, so take the time out to visit your local doctor to get your feet checked and find out which type may be the best for you. Once you know the kind of shoe you should be getting, it's often easy to order orthopedic shoes on your own. You can send in molds to companies who will then send you back a shoe that's the perfect fit.

Orthpedic shoes are not the only solution. Some doctors may use taping, padding, and other ways of correcting your foot problems. That's why it's good to have a diagnosis to see if your problems can be treated differently before spending a high amount of money on shoes.

Once you get set with some sort of treatment, you'll be OK for long walks and getting your exercise in. If any pain continues or things don't feel right, stop immediately and make a new appointment with the doctor. It's never good to ignore the possibility of a problem and if you keep walking on it, you can do more damage. You always want to listen to your body!


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