The Benefits of Facial Exercises

Published: 05th January 2012
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Facial exercises are becoming the front runner when it comes to getting rid of facial wrinkles, lifting sagging skin such as a turkey neck or simply achieving a facelift. The other methods people think of involve needles, surgery, or an exuberant amount of topical creams. The beauty industry constantly bombards us with the next procedure, skin treatment or product that promises the fountain of youth. There are so many "methods" but how many actually work and are without negative side effects?

Botox has become quite the phenomenon. It's difficult to find a celebrity who hasn't gone for a few treatments. It's easy and it's accessible, but it can be pricey and it's not without side effects and problems. People tend to forget that they are injecting the Botulism toxin into their face. And that is precisely why it works. If you use Botox, you are in effect paralyzing your facial muscles! The problem is that by freezing your face, the facial muscles atrophy, which over time changes your natural look. Due to the thinned, relaxed muscles the face often takes on a bull-dog look; flattened forehead with separated and dropped eye brows. It can take some time to rebuild these muscles to recover from the use of Botox. Facial exercises are the only recourse. Just as facial building is sometimes used to reverse the damaging effects of a stroke or Bell's Palsy, facial exercises can rebuild and improve a draped, sagging face. Of course Botox has been deemed completely safe, but there are consequences to consider prior to getting injections. It is far less invasive than surgery, but lasts only six to eight months at which time you must spend another few hundred dollars for the next round of injections. And let's not forget that too much Botox gives the face a very unnatural look that's easy to spot.

Cosmetic surgery is usually out of the question for the majority of people simply because of its high cost and the fact that it is not covered by medical insurance. Although you'll definitely see a difference, the problem is that it may not be the look you actually wanted to achieve. And it's permanent! As with any surgery, there are risks and you can expect a good amount of recovery and healing time. Also, most people will know that you had work done since the change is not gradual but over night.

Over the counter creams promising a facelift, in so many words, are a dime a dozen. You're sometimes charged as much as $100 for a little jar of cream that doesn't do much of anything except moisturize your skin! And there are always specific products for specific treatments and areas of the face. People are convinced to spend tons of money on toners, moisturizers, night creams, eye creams, masks, peels, SPFs and the list goes on. The advice and conflicting options are overwhelming. This is not to say that a good skin care regimen isn't greatly beneficial, it's just that creams will not alleviate wrinkles and lift sagging skin. Period.

Facial exercises, however, don't have any of the above mentioned disadvantages. All you need is a book and/or DVD to learn how to do them. You don't have to apply any products, get injections or succumb to surgery. Just by exercising your facial muscles you can get rid of a double chin, sagging neck, jowls, crows feet, and basically all the effects of aging. You just need to do the exercises. It's no different than exercising the body. The face and the body are made of the same stuff! It just takes effort and know-how. There are many facial exercise and facial building programs on the market. Find one that's right for you because by simply working out the face, you can tighten facial muscles, tone the face, smooth wrinkles and lift sagging skin. It's proven, highly effective and totally natural.


FlexEffect can help you get rid of facial wrinkles by teaching you about facial exercises and facialbuilding. By learning how to work the muscles in one's face, you can achieve firmer skin without invasive procedures or topical creams.

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