Rolex and Cartier Watches Make Great Gifts

Published: 31st March 2011
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While doing some reflecting on the holiday season (now four months in our past!) I realized that I'm very blessed. I am not only blessed because my friends and family are all for the most part healthy and happy, though I am incredibly thankful for that. I am also blessed because my business is doing well. I have great clients. Clients whom I am able to consider friends. I was never sure if that was reciprocated but I was okay with that. Well, they definitely reciprocated this year. From two of my favorites I received beautiful watches. One a Rolex Daytona, the other an even more impressive Cartier number. So truly my cup runneth over.

I don't take these gifts lightly. As an avid admirer of timepieces and watch culture I am innately aware of the price of a Rolex or Cartier watch. But more than that I am aware of what a Rolex and a Cartier say about the person giving the gift and what they see in the person (in this case me) receiving the gift. It tells me these two particular clients pay attention to details. It tells me they have impeccable taste (the way the band on my Rolex Daytona compliments the piece its self is spellbinding). And what do they think of me? Well that is the most flattering thing of all. These clients could have gone out and gotten me a gadget and I may have been impressed for a minute or ten, but the allure of modern gadgetry is not really for a man of my distinction. I am so glad they noticed.

All arrogance aside, these Cartier and Rolex Watches are amongst the most touching and special gifts I've ever received. They have certainly out did any previous business gift I may have received. That's not to say I've received less than stellar gifts. I've loved many things. Fine whiskey, nice cigars, even some of the smaller ornamental gifts have been a pleasure to receive. These watches just tower above them. I know what many of you are assuming. You think I feel this way based solely on the fact that these are rather lavish gifts but it is not that. Sure, that is nice but actually it's just how refined they are. How they perfectly match my personal style and my personal philosophy. That's what makes a present truly great. And these Rolex watches and Cartier watches truly are perfect!

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