How to Take Care of Your Fur Coat

Published: 05th May 2010
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When you decide to invest in a mink fur coat, you want to protect your investment. Taking care of your fur coat is not terribly difficult, but it is important. With these tips you will be able to pass down your coat for generations.

1. Store your coat at a furrier's over the summer in order to protect it from intense heat, humidity, and air conditioning, all of which can damage the fur. Moths and other insects can also potentially harm your fur, but a furrier will place it in cold storage.

2. In between wearings, cover your fur ' but not with plastic. Plastic can dry the skin out and rot the lining. Place it on a broad shouldered hanger and cover it in a dark, fabric bag that is open at the bottom. This will keep it fresh.

3. Don't store it where there are moth balls or open cedar planks. These scents will seep into the fur over time, and honestly, who wants to smell like moth balls? Keep the fur away from light, and give it some room to breathe, i.e. don't smother it with other clothing on a rack; a couple of inches on each side will keep the fur looking full.

4. Take the coat gently off the hanger before use. Sliding it off shoulder by shoulder will protect it. Wear a scarf, and don't get make up on the coat because that can damage it. Don't get perfume on your coat either. The alcohol will dry the skin and can cause it to become rancid.

5. If your fur gets wet, shake out the moisture and leave it to dry in a well ventilated room. Most fur coats deal well with rain and snow, and dry naturally. Do not expose it to the sun, blow dry it, or use any other form of heat. Furs are sensitive to light, which can change their color and dry out the pelt.

6. Be careful with belts and do not wear shoulder bags with your fur. A small clutch is preferable, and more elegant. Avoid jewelry that could potentially snag, and never wear a brooch or pin on your fur.

7. Wear the fur as often as possible. Your body heat will keep the fur shapely. If you're sitting down for a period of time, take off the coat, and drape it over your body. This will keep you warm, especially while driving.

8. Goodness forbid you spill, don't bring your fur to the dry cleaners. They don't know how to properly treat furs, some of which require extra special treatment.

9. If you see a small tear, repair it immediately. Waiting will only make it worse. Feel free to condition your fur also, to keep it shiny and attractive. If you store your coat properly, and clean it annually, it will last for a lifetime. And why shouldn't it? When you make a sizable investment you want it to last. It's up to you to determine for how long.

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