How to Have Beautiful Teeth

Published: 07th April 2010
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Everyone wants a large white smile - teeth are one of the first things we as humans notice about each other. Today it is becoming increasingly easier for everyone to have white straight teeth. So while the best way to have straight teeth is to visit your local Medicaid orthodontist, here are some other tips to improve your dental hygiene and make your smile brighter and more beautiful.

1. Brushing: It is important to brush at least twice a day, and if you really want your teeth to shine, brush after every meal. Plaque that builds on your teeth can cause them to look yellow and unhealthy, and brushing removes more than 98% of plaque. If this isn't viable for you, carry some gum, which can also help to remove food particles that stick in your mouth.

2. Flossing: Though you may think that it's a pain, flossing greatly helps to remove the plaque that your toothbrush is unable to reach, and thus, helps to keep your teeth straight and your gums healthy.

3. Staining drinks: Tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, and cola all can affect the color of your smile, so it's best to minimize your consumption of these beverages. Drink lots of water, especially after you eat to help rinse your mouth of the residue that clings to your teeth.

4. Healthy foods: Crunchy fruits and vegetables benefit your teeth from the gentle rubbing action of chewing. Plus, the vitamins and nutrients found in these foods help to keep them strong and healthy.

5. Tooth grinding: If you're stressed or uptight and you find yourself grinding your teeth at night or when you're frustrated, STOP. This can cause micro cracks in your teeth and make them look darker around the edges. De-stressing is important to both your mental and your dental health!

6. Tooth bleaching: If you're unsatisfied with the color of your teeth, then you can always try a tooth whitening product. Your dentist can offer you a hydrogen peroxide solution for the best results. Don't try it yourself, talk to your local Medicaid orthodontist or dentist.

7. Braces: If your teeth are a little (or a lot) crowded, then braces are the best way to a beautiful smile. Though they can take time, just remind yourself that most good things in life do. It's easy to search and find an NYC braces orthodontist.

8. Invisalign: Though not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign, if your tooth crowding is relatively minor, this process uses a series of retainers to straighten them. Similarly, you can check with your Medicaid orthodontist to see if you are eligible for a removable orthodontic appliance, like a retainer, to keep your teeth in line.

Whatever your tooth problem may be, following these tips is sure to help. Remember, patience is key to having a white smile, so whether it's with braces or tooth whitening, to see the results you want takes time. Don't give up, and start improving your dental hygiene today!


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