Become A DJ: The Five Most Important Professional DJ Equipment For Beginners

Published: 18th May 2010
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If you?re an after-hours regular who spends more time loitering by the DJ booth than the boozy banquet, it might be time to pick up a new hobby: spinning. With the range of professional DJ equipment out there, it?s hard to gauge what you really need to curate a starter set?especially if you?re on a budget. Apart from a stellar selection of songs, here are the five basics that will take your DJing skills from jukebox to beat-box.


To blast songs from your turntable to the other side of the room, you?ll need an amplifier. This device is the driving force behind your speakers, boosting the volume and power of sound waves that make you want to hit the dance floor.


Good quality speakers are one of the better investments you?ll make in a starter DJ set. An essential factor in the quality of your sound, loudspeakers take cues from your amplifier to fill the room with controllable (and shifting) sound frequencies. Avoid distortion and fuzzy song sets with a proper subwoofer and mid-range speakers.


Part of honing your DJ skills means mastering the art of the smooth transition. Mixing divergent songs changes the energy of the room. You?ll need a mixer to keep the music flowing?nothing kills a party like dead air between songs. Use a professional audio mixer to blend, scratch, swap, syncopate and deconstruct elements of one song to create a surprising?and exciting?transition into the similar elements of another song. If you?re tending to a dance floor, mixing a continuous, diverse stream of music for club-goers is a top priority.

Audio Player

We all know what the shorthand means, but do you know what DJ stands for? Disc jockey. It?s only fitting that you?d need a record turntable or CD player with two decks, for seamlessly spinning one song to the next. Professionals swear on the rich sound quality of vinyl, so it if you?re up for the challenge and commitment of starting a record collection, try investing in a traditional yet professional DJ equipment record player. There are plenty of affordable, vintage turntables on the market for under $100.


If you?re spinning on the fly, you?ll want to feel out songs before you throw them in the dance mix. Taking a quick listen to your next track with a professional set of headphones that excels at blocking outside sound, is an ideal way to manage tracks. They should be sturdy, yet comfortable?you?ll be snapping them on and off over the course of your set.

As important as the right tools are, the materials you?re working with should be the first place to start. Start building a lengthy catalogue of tunes from all walks: soul, disco, pop, classic rock, etc. One you think your list is strong enough for sets, take home this professional DJ equipment, and put your high school coach?s advice to use: practice, practice, practice. The more comfortable you are with mixing, spinning, and reworking beats, the more likely you?ll end up behind the party?s podium.

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